Backwards Meeting:

Come see what a “Backwards Meeting” or a “gniteeM sdrawkcaB” is!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at Noon:05, led by Lisa Davis…

This WILL be fun!! I am instructed to send you the Toastmasters meeting link along with a brief explanation and example of what to expect in the meeting. It should be really fun and help us develop our listening skills as well as just shake up any monotony we may or may not be feeling.

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“Backward Meeting:Run the meeting in reverse! Presiding officer or toastmaster begins by thanking everyone for a great meeting and then introduces the general evaluator. The general evaluator gives the evaluation, introduces whoever would normally have been on the agenda prior to the evaluator. (General Evaluator, Timer’s report, grammarian’s report, speech evaluator). The trick is that the speakers must replicate whatever was given as an evaluation, even though they did not speak yet. For instance: the evaluator says TM Williams, normally your gestures are very effective, but today, I notice that you must have been a bit unprepared as you were fiddling a lot with your ring. Then speaker Williams would try to fiddle with his ring and not use as many gestures as usual.
The Table Topic (TM) speakers speak on whatever they choose and the topics master must listen carefully to know what topic to give when presenting the topic after the speaker speaks. This type of meeting requires excellent listening skills and then implementation in an impromptu way.” (from Zing! Zest! Bang! How to Create Meetings Members Never Want to Miss! A Compilation of Ideas to Change Meeting Format, Create themed Meetings, and Interesting Table Topics (TM). By Sandy Bell D7 Area 32 Governor and Jim Wolak D7 Area 34 Governor.

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Author: Brent Smith

I began Toastmasters in 2002. Initially, I wanted to improve my presentation style in Spanish, and helped organize Oregon's first Bilingual Spanish-English Club. Since then, I have grown more comfortable in leadership, presentation, and personal communication! As a visitor to other clubs and a participant in several speech competitions, I was able gain confidence in speaking in front of various unfamiliar groups, develop an idea for a diverse audience, and gain a great network of friends around Oregon and the globe! As Area 41 Governor in 2013-2014 (Called area director now), I gained leadership experience and relationships that will last a life-time!! Toastmasters boosted me in my profession as a Chiropractor, business owner, church leader as well as my family life! I stay in Toastmasters to keep my communication skills sharp and to continue to broaden my network and skills. I completed my first pathway, Effective Coaching in April 2022.  I am very glad I stayed in Toastmasters as learning to use Zoom and online meetings with Covid has been a great benefit to me.  I also love running, hiking, and fishing with family. I look forward to continuing my quest to grow and help you achieve excellencee through Toasting Excellence. I have been blessed with an opportunity to help coach a struggling club and help build Dallas Toastmasters. I am also taking the opportunity to lead as an Area Director again and help other clubs build their programs. This has provided valuable connections and networking. I was able to give my first paid speech to Willamette Writers and donate the funds back to the organization for membership scholarships. I think you will find Toastmasters quite beneficial! Come check us out!! Brent.

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