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Brent Smith (EC4, DL3)

About Me: I began Toastmasters in 2002. Initially, I wanted to improve my presentation style in Spanish, and helped organize Oregon's first Bilingual Spanish-English Club. Since then, I have grown more comfortable in leadership, presentation, and personal communication! As a visitor to other clubs and a participant in several speech competitions, I was able gain confidence in speaking in front of various unfamiliar groups, develop an idea for a diverse audience, and gain a great network of friends around Oregon and the globe! As Area 41 Governor in 2013-2014 (Called area director now), I gained leadership experience and relationships that will last a life-time!! Toastmasters boosted me in my profession as a Chiropractor, business owner, church leader as well as my family life! I stay in Toastmasters to keep my communication skills sharp and to continue to broaden my network and skills.  I am very glad I stayed as learning to use Zoom and online meetings with Covid has been a great benefit to me.  I also love running, hiking, and fishing with family. I look forward to continuing my quest to grow and help you achieve excellence through Toasting Excellence. I think you will find Toastmasters quite beneficial! Come check us out!! Brent.

Joined Club: 08/01/2008
Joined Toastmasters: 4/1/2003

VP of Education

Lyle Schellenberg (DTM)

About Me: A very aberrant member.

VP of Membership

Adele O'Neal (DTM)

Joined Club: 10/1/1997
Joined Toastmasters: 10/1/1997

VP of Public Relations

Martina Sierra

Joined Club: 10/25/2020


Lisa Davis (CC,CL, ACB, ALB)

Joined Club: 10/1/2015
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Sgt. at Arms

Daniel Tucker (ACB)

About Me: Husband, dad, public servant are a few ways to describe me.  I am a caregiver, a helper.. I find happiness in making life easier and fair for others.   I am an introvert, I battle depression, and have a mild case of Asperger's syndrome.   It is easier for me to work alone, helping others from the sidelines.  Life often requires participation and have found myself in the middle of things having to take the lead. I was hired into my current job to punish rulebreakers, to be 'the regulator'.  But that is not who I am. I worked with the industry, our legal staff, and our executive staff to help businesses comply and avoid future penalties.  It took time, yet I have been able to shift my job to that helping companies follow the rules and have not issued a single penalty for over two years.As an introvert, I am working on my communication skills for relationships, for networking, and leadership.  I want to learn to bring out the best in people so that they can help themselves. 

Joined Club: 10/15/1998
Joined Toastmasters: 5/1/15

Mentor Chair

Mark Thomas (CC CL ACB)

Joined Club: 6/1/2015
Joined Toastmasters: 6/1/2015

Brian Smith

Whende Thomas

Joined Club: 11/07/2019